The mission of Association for Balancing Life Energy (ABLE) is to support conscious evolution by sending prayers and positive intent to individuals, collectives, and the planet. We employ spiritual and scientific principles for the purpose of generating full-spectrum energy rebalancing, and supporting the natural inclination toward wellness and wholeness. Many people use ABLE to augment the spiritual practices they already enjoy. You may find our information and practices useful, regardless of whether or not you join ABLE.

We believe these tenets and practices listed below are a product of both Divine revelation and scientific exploration. We encourage members to explore how the following tenets are relevant in their own lives, and to make independent judgments as to their usefulness.


  1. Science and spirituality are two interrelated approaches to the same great mystery.

  2. Life is more than physical matter; it has metaphysical energy attributes.

  3. We respect and honor life in all its forms.

  4. The experience of total well-being can be amplified through the power of prayer and positive intention.

  5. Every aspect of an individual’s energy can be affected by changes in their external or internal environment.

  6. The potential for change is dependent on both the energy being transmitted, and the availability of the receiver.


  1. We treat every part of our work as sacred and with pure intention.

  2. We support each member in his or her spiritual evolution in alignment with highest good.

  3. We honor the recipient by sending prayer from a state that is open to infinite possibilities, and emotionally neutral with respect to the outcome.

  4. We use prayer and conscious, loving intention to send energy to those who choose to be receptive.

  5. We employ a prayer wheel technology as a religious object in our spiritual practice.

  6. As part of our religious sacrament, we use a energetic representative (i.e. witness) provided by the member.

  7. Progress through the ABLE Pathway is variable, and dependent on the quality of both the prayer transmission, and member’s receptivity. Due to the great variability in members, we cannot provide any guarantees or predictions regarding the outcome of results from participating in the ABLE Program.

  8. Faith, openness, affirmations, and visualization practiced by the receiver may increase the benefits of the prayer transmitted.